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Mijas Shiatsu offer Qigong instruction.

What is Qigong?

Qigong – literally working with or cultivating Qi, our vital energy – is a Chinese self-healing practice that is thousands of years old and now practised all over the world, just like Yoga. It is a moving meditation that helps us access and work with our whole energetic body and, beyond, our connection with the universe, through a combination of slow movement, breathing, awareness and intention.

Flowing Qi is healthy Qi, and Qigong helps to get the Qi flowing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), expel toxic Qi and augment our healthy Qi, thus harmonising and increasing our vital energy. And of course, by gradually becoming aware of your whole being there is the potential for change, of perhaps more fully becoming yourself.

For some Qigong is a journey of self-exploration, to experience what and how we really are, to reach out to our potential, for others it’s a way of easing aches and pains or shaking off past traumas to flow more easily through life. Absolutely all reasons are valid, Qigong is for everyone. You don’t need to be sporting fit or buy any special gear to practice it. All you need to bring is yourself and an open interested mind.

A typical Qigong session may include some shaking, stretching and self-massage to open up the body and its meridians (Qi channels), slow movements (some very simple, some more complex) or static postures to get your Qi flowing, breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation, to help you tune into your body, feel and work with your Qi.

Anja offers one-to-one sessions. She can come to you, you can come to her garden in Mijas or we can find another suitable space in the vicinity. Sessions have to take place in the open air. To book a session, send Anja a WhatsApp message on 0034 634 308 299 or email mijasshiatsu@gmail.com.

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