mijas shiatsu

Types of treatment


Full-body shiatsu

Received lying on a comfortable futon and lasting about one hour.

Seated shiatsu

Received on a special shiatsu treatment chair. This is a shorter treatment working primarily on neck / shoulders / back problems, and typically lasting about 20 minutes.


One-to-one Qigong sessions

Qigong sessions tailored to your needs. Sessions last about an hour and a half. The first session will include an assessment of your problems, on the basis of which we will then work towards developing a Qigong routine tailored to your needs.


Prices include IVA at 21%
Full-body shiatsu €40
3 x full-body shiatsu treatments €100
Seated shiatsu €20
1.5 hour one-to-one Qigong session €40

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